I am currently working on a game using unity and spine.
Early in development we made the mistake not naming our animations correctly. So instead of "tree_idle" the animation was called "animation". You can imagine that after a while we ended up with 50 animations called "animation"..

What I am trying to do now is changing all the animation names to be more descriptive. For some reason tough I keep getting the error you can see in the attached file.
My process is: changing the animation name in spine, reexporting the file, switching the animation controller input to the new animation name. The new animation works fine in unity but I still keep getting this error message.

MY QUESTION NOW: Is there a way to find out where my missing animation called "animation" is used in my project so I can fix it? I can't find any indicator and if I double click on the error it opens Visual studio which doesn't give me any other information either
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