Unity 5.6, Spine & Spine-Unity runtime 3.6

Used SkeletonAnimator instead of SkeletonAnimation in scene, and encountered the error:

Animator is not playing an AnimatorController

The controller is the default one; I didn't change it, simply set the clips up. There's only the base layer and no parameters used.
Hmmm...what did I do wrong? I tried google this error, but seems it's relatively rare. :think:

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Dmitriy Makeyev

A similar mistake about which I also wrote. Please correct.
Dmitriy Makeyev
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Thanks for reporting. Comparing the old and new code, it sort of doesn't make sense why it would throw that warning.
But it should be handled in the next update.

If you want to apply it to your SkeletonAnimator.cs immediately, use this code:
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