Hi all! I have a question about sprite sizes and what size I should my be exporting my skeleton parts to Spine as, as it relates to eventually getting it into Unity.

I know typically I want to aim for the biggest resolution size, and then scale down as you don't lose (as much) quality scaling sprites down.
So for example, if I want my character to be 128x128, should I export the parts the size that they are when they're all together to make the full character, or should I export them bigger, and then mess with the scale of the spine data object in Unity?
Currently I have a skeleton rigged, but I exported the sprites much bigger than 128, and I don't want to re-export all the sprites and set the skeleton back up if there's a way to still get it sized right on the export to Unity.

Sorry if that got a little ramble-y and confusing. This subject as simple as it is, even just using regular sprites and not spine skeletons, always seems to mess with my brain a bit, cause no matter what I do, sprites never look as sharp as they do in Inkscape when I import them to Unity. So I'm constantly on the search for getting crisp looking sprites (not pixel art). So if there's some proper way to do it in the Spine workflow, I would love to be able to lock that down in my mind.

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This is actually not specific to Spine. The same thing happens to Sprites. This comes down to texture settings in Unity. The annoying thing is that not everything is visible/settable in the inspector.

You need to set it through code (or edit the meta files?? — provided they are set to text serialization in the first place).

What you need to do is enable mipmaps and then set the mipmap bias to around -0.5f.
No mipmaps may cause your textures to be overly sharp when scaled down.
The default mipmaps will cause your texture to be a bit too blurry when scaled down and the mipmaps kick in.
Setting the mipmap bias to -0.5f makes it sharper. But you may need a slightly different number depending on your object, camera, and graphic setups.
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Oh very interesting!

I'll definitely check that out!

An in terms of the Inkscape (or other image editing/creating software) to Spine to Unity workflow, should I be exporting the sprites/parts of the skeleton at the native 1:1 size that it'll be in Unity, or bigger and then use a smaller scale in the skeleton data object, or another approach. What would you suggest?

Thanks as always Pharan!
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