I have for my carachter multiple Skeletons animation, for example :
Skeleton_root(idle, use for walk, jump, shoot, ...)
Skeleton_climb(climb, climb_shoot, climb_hit)

--View_root => GameObject with Skeleton animation root
--View_climb => GameObject with Skeleton animation root climb

When i switch to animation in a different skeleton,
my solution is to enable gameobject use
and to disable the gameobject where skeleton animation is not use

Example i want to switch animation idle(Root skeleton) to climb(Climb skeleton)
i disable the gameobject View_root and i enable the gameobject View_climb

It is good solution or bad solution?
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Yes, this is currently a good solution.
Make sure you call SkeletonAnimation.Skeleton.SetToSetupPose() before to disable or enable the GameObject to play a new animation, so you don't get accidental sideeffects from previous animations.

We'll have an official example of how to do this soon so you can avoid problems too.
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