I'm not the best at coding and very new to Unity and Spine, i animated in Spine the Idle, Jump, Run and Walk for my character and got it into Unity using this video for help.

But now i'm very stuck i can't get the animations to play, i'm using Playmaker and have the player moving and flipping left and right but stays in Idle pose, is there a way to get the animations on the animator or is there another way? sorry and thanks.
Also sorry if this isn't much info about this just hoping can get some help. :'(
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There are multiple Playmaker integrations available - see this forum post: PLAYMAKER.
Maybe you could give a different one a try (I would start with pharan's integration).

Since the Playmaker integrations are not officially written by us, we are unfortunately not capable of helping out on this subject - and we don't know which integration you are using. You could contact the respective maintainers for any questions. Maybe you find some older posting with the search term "Playmaker" on our forums as well.

Upon searching the web I have found the following posting, maybe that helps - it lists actions such as "Spine Play Animation", "Spine Add Animation" and several others, that you could try:
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