Hi I'm a fairly new user of spine pro. And I'm having a problem with the animations of my character at the unity runtime.

It has a jump animation where its head translate in a curve all properly keyed. And then when back to idle state due to a condition the idle animations loops. So far so good.

But my problem is that sometimes, actually most the times, when change from jump animation to idle animation, the head interpolates from the last position of the jump animations to the first position of the idle.
To call animations I'm using the skeletonAnimation.AnimationsName = "myAnimationName";

I really want to know how to go about that. And stop this interpolation behavior so the character can instantly go from anywhere in the jump to the idle without having its head going out of the body or doing funky trajectories.

Please help I'm very close to end of my project now to be stuck by any reason. And thank you, I love the tool by the way. It has been splendid till now.
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