Hi there !

We're currently working on an AR project and we're using Spine for the animation and Vuforia for the AR recognition system.

We're having troubles showing shadows when we export on Android. We tried the "Spine > Sprite > PixelLit" and it works perfectly fine in the Editor (even in "Android mode" (switched plateform). We can see the shadow cast on a 3D cube behind the spine meshes.

But in the apk, it makes some weird glitches on the animated textures (see screenshot attached) and no shadows.

The standard Spine material (spine skeleton) makes no glitches but...no shadows too...

Would somebody help us find a suitable material for a proper shadow rendering ?

ps : we'r currently using the "spine-unity-3_5_Unity-5_4" package.

Thanks for your help !

-- 29 Juin 2017, 18:18 --

Edit : apparently the Example scene launched on Android does not show shadows either...
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