Hi everyone,

I need to integrate Spine into Unity (used to do it before easily with newest versions), but this is a bit complicated as following:
+ Animators need to stick with Spine Editor 3.1.08 (to sync with other projects)
+ Unity version is 4.2.2 (code base is from 2012, nothing I could change here :( )

So, which spine-runtime library should I use to integrate Spine 3.1.08 with Unity 4.2.2 ? I'm so confuse now, since I took a look at official support sites and GitHub but hardly found a thing :|

Thank you for reading !
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We don't have a legacy spine-unity runtime that goes back as far as Unity 4.2.
If you're stuck with that version of Unity, I'm afraid you're also stuck with that version of spine-unity.
If you can go up to Unity 4.6, we have a version that's compatible with Spine 3.0. Its spine-csharp core should be updateable to Spine 3.1 without problems.

If you have one project, you really need to freeze your editor version to that version.
Note that you can always switch your Spine editor version in the settings menu. Spine editor and runtime version management
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Thank you, Pharan, for your quick answer !

I will try to upgrade to Unity 4.6. Can you share the link to spine-unity runtime which can handle the data exported from Spine editor 3.1, please ?

Thanks again!

-- 06 Oct 2017, 15:25 --

I checked out GitHub repository of Spine-Runtime and traced back the history. And it seems this is the last commit which states "spine-unity works with data exported from Spine 3.1.08": [Unity] Ragdoll fix (#596)@4b9d1b4.
Next commit (only counted if it touches spine-unity, spine-csharp) states that it's for Spine 3.2.

So, I think that I would try spine-runtime at that commit to check with Unity 4.6 first. Then if new problem appears, I will go back to ask for help. Thank you so much, Pharan.
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