Animations in Unity have overlapping issues. Specifically with images from the same atlas PNG. Is there any way to rearrange the images in the PNG to "fix layering"? We tried to test a fix through Photoshop to see if it works... then realized it doesn't, since arrangement is also being read by the atlas text file
We've tried adjusting layers of PNG 1 and 2 to see which works. Both have overlapping issues.
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Are you saying the layering in Spine is correct, but the layering is wrong in Unity?

Are there multiple of this same skeleton in the scene? There's a known issue in Unity where it breaks draw order in favor of dynamic batching when there's multiple MeshRenderers using the same Materials. It's been there for a while but I don't know if they're ever going to fix it.

But in that situation, the solution is to add a "Sorting Group" component on the GameObject. That will force it not to batch and retain the correct draw order.
Losing batching here isn't a huge problem since multiple materials already break batching anyway.
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