EDIT: Solved by updating the runtime to the most recent one. I was concerned it might not work since it was made for 2017.2 and not .3. That said, does anyone know why this broke in this way? I couldn't find what changed between 2017.1 and 2017.2 to create all these issues with color.

So I recently updated to Unity 2017.3 and I am now getting these errors thrown in regards to all my spine objects Please let me know what I should do about this, and if it's a Unity problem or a spine runtime problem and what I should do from there. Thanks!
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This seems to be with the latest update in Unity 2017.3 adding the attribute "[StructLayout(LayoutKind.Explicit)]" for "Color32". This forces the declaration for Color32 in the code.

While we wait for the unity spine plugin to update, we can initialize the variables using Color32 in the scripts. In my case I'm using Spine Animator and Animation, and change in the "SpineMesh.cs" lines 460 and 664 with:

Color32 color = new Color32();

I did that and got it to work. Hopefully spine can address this issue with this simple fix.

Hope it works for you
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Thanks for pointing that out, leamzi.
It is currently handled with = default(Color32) but I guess the latest patch breaks it?
There's currently no problems in Unity 2017.3.1
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