Spine Pro version 3.6.53 on Win10

When I keyframe a sprite to be invisible in one animation, it turns invisible in all the animations.
I don't want this to happen. What am I doing wrong?

Here is a video example.

To clarify, there are sprites in my puppet that I want included in some of the animations, but not all. When I turn them off for the animations that don't need those sprites, Spine turns them off also in the animations where I do want them. This happens even if I have keyframed them to be visible.

If this is a feature and not my mistake, is there a work around?

Thank you for checking!


Solved it.

For anyone with the same issue:
It's useless to keyframe this

Instead you have to click open and keyframe this

Autokey will not key it for you. Just pressing the key icon won't do it either.
You really have to open the tree all the way, then click it invisible or visible, and THEN press the key icon.
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