Hi! I'm a new user of Spine, and generally a new user to software like this.

I've been working on a project for someone where I started of animating one skeleton. The skeleton itself has 4 skins, which I've animated. The 4 skins are perfectly interchangeable and are in the right locations they're supposed to be. I initially got these files from a client who exported them from photoshop with a .Json file, so this part is all fine.

Now today I got sent 16 extra skins along with a new Json file. I've been able to import this new Json file into Spine Pro, which gives me all the animals in the right location but without the skeleton. I can't seem to be able to just copy paste it? Unless I'm missing something. alternately, I've tried creating new skins in the original skeleton, but then I have to manually place all the parts in the right places.

Is there a quicker solution to this? I've tried copying the translate coordinates from the files in the new skeleton to the images I imported in the old one so that they'd be in the exact same location but these coordinates seem to be very different.
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Welcome to Spine! :)

The easiest way to do what you want is to have all images for a certain skin placed in it's own subfolder and then duplicate your skin and use Find And Replace to change the path of the images on the skin.

For example on the Goblin project I do the following.
1. Duplicate the "goblin" skin.
2. Rename the new skin to "goblingirl".
3. Filter the tree so only attachments are shown.

And select all those attachments in the tree.

4. Open Find And Replace and Find all instances of "goblin" and replace with "goblingirl"

You will need to do this for each skin, but all images will be at the correct positions.

I hope it helps :)

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