I have two questions that both relate to mixing animations.
1.) Is there something like SetMix that will transition between the bind pose and the start of an animation. I have a looping animation that doesn't start at the bind pose but slightly away from it. (A simple lerp would be sufficient here) It would be a real pain if I had to make a two animations to transition to and from the start of the looping animation because it doesn't start on the bind pose. The only other ways I can think of working around this is by making an animation that consists of a bunch of frames of the bind pose and then mixing that. Or by lerping the transform myself.

2.) Does Spine support blending animations and how can I do it. Consider you have two animations running at the same time and using a 0-1 weight it mixes the frames from both animations together? A lot of animation software has this. I figured this would be a default behavior of playing two animations at once in different tracks. I've watched someone do it in Unity with Spine as well. However when I play two animations in different tracks that occupy the same bone, the most recent one just overwrites the last rather than mixing them with weights. I'd like to point out that SetMix isn't the mix that I'm talking about. I'd behaves similarly but only on transitions. I tried to SetMix two animations for the whole duration of the animation but that didn't do anything.
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1. Yes you can do that. Queue an empty animation first, this will essentially apply bind pose. Then add the animation you want to mix to. See Applying Animations - Spine Runtimes Guide: Empty animations

2. Yes, the multitrack feature is essentially that. However, if two timelines in the mixed animations target the same bone, the one on the higher track will "win". That's a limitation of the current AnimationState implementation.
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