Best way to handle this?

Random slots over random set of clothes over random skin color over random sex.

Male and female characters - same animations so one skeleton would work. Will be chosen randomly.

Five skin colors for both male and female. Will be chosen randomly.

Then I have sets of clothes that have to be changed in full, as in from head to toe, no variations within a set are needed. Will be chosen randomly.

Then I have sets of hairstyles, eyebrows, etc., that also have to be randomized.

I thought about this, and so far I think I'd have to have a separate skeleton for every skin color, and then skins for every outfit set, and then randomize the hair/eye/eyebrow/mouth slots manually? What's the best practice? I did read older forum threads and Pharan's 'Mix-n-match' article, but still. I'm not a coder so I just need to know the best way of rigging all this and they will sort it out later.

Thanks :).
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If I were you I'd make complete skins grouped by color/theme/whatever that can be later randomized by code, where every skin has a unique version of those pieces that will be randomized (meaning there could be an all-green skin, all blue, etc.)
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Here's a sample list of skins you would do:
- female-dark-skin
- female-light-skin
- male-dark-skin
- male-light-skin
- eyebrows1
- eyebrows2
- eyes1
- eyes2
- eyes3
- hair1
- hair2
- hair3
- mouth1
- mouth2
- mouth3
- clothes-male-casual
- clothes-female-casual
- clothes-male-festive
- clothes-female-festive

Note that Spine currently doesn't allow you to preview combining skins so you'll have to make a temporary/unused skin to preview what a combination of attachments looks like.
Each skin should set only the images you want on that skin, and none of the others.
Ideally, there should be no images that aren't placed inside of skin placeholders in Spine.

Then in code, you would do what essentially amounts to:
newcharacterskin = female-dark-skin + eyebrows2 + eyes3 + hair2 + mouth1 + clothes-female-casual
That's not the actual code, but it would work that way.
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thank you :)


I must say that previewing multiple skins in the editor and placing linked meshes into different slots are highly needed functions, you can add my vote to whatever priority system yo guys use ;).

Also, a PS export script feature that would allow to set a 'boundary reference layer' for some other layers would be gold. (Nate and I already discussed it here: Copy a mesh with a portion of the original image (?)). The manual solution Nate suggested works good, but yesterday I spent 40 minutes exporting layers one-by-one manually, and will spend another 40 today.

I'm attaching an atlas sheet to illustrate.


An option to set a special tag for the smaller layers would be a huge time-saver. The boundary size would be taken from the green layer and applied to an orange layer and exported. Might look like this:

[reference-green layer name]orange layer name

Hope it makes sence.

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booboogaga wrote:and placing linked meshes into different slots are highly needed functions
I'm following the topic as I'm working with multiple skins at the moment and yes, THIS :D
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