We have a little issue:
We have a bounding box that can be edited in spine by scaling/moving its center (bone) and also by modifying each vertex of the collider.

But in Unity, using SkeletonUtilityBone (and generating the collider with SkeletonUtilityBone boundingBox specific button) or BoundingBoxFollower, only the changes applied on the center (bone) is applied, the collider points position are never moved. It results in different collider shapes in unity and in spine editor.

Is it something normal or is there a way to fix it?


Ok in fact the problem was general : all bones (and bone transforms) were one frame late from mesh. (for exemple during an attack anim we could see the arm moving but the bone was always one frame behind the visual, so the collider attached to that bone too).
I changed the order (LateUpdate is now called before Update) and now everything works fine.
I think this problem is only in new versions of spine (we updated recently from 3.3.07 to 3.6.41).
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