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I've been trying to follow advice from this forum, and elsewhere, and add the shaders my AssetBundle objects require to the "Always Included Shaders" list in GraphicSettings. Unfortunately, adding "Sprite/Spine/Vertex Lit.shader" to the end of this list causes Unity's build step to hang at about 70% complete, unresponsive and using 100% CPU :doh: . Tested this on Mac and Windows, on Unity 5..6.1 and Unity 2007.1.0f3

Our current workaround is to put a gameobject with this shader in every scene, and to force-reload the shaders on our skeleton gaemobjects on Start, but this is pretty wasteful and inelegant.

Thanks for any ideas you might have!
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That's kind of weird. This also doesn't sound like it's specific to Spine.
Is this problem not present with a normal mesh and materials in an Asset Bundle?

Is it possibly specific to the Sprite shaders?
(if so, this may be the thread to ask in. Sprite Shaders for Unity)
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