I've got a bunch of these coming up, but I'll just use this one thread for them from now on.

Here's the intro episode.

  • Spine used for the main character rig with PNG sequence export.
  • The facial animation (lips, expressions) are handled in a custom web-based tool I wrote.
  • Comping and other animation is in After Effects.



The latest AtB cartoon. I'm on a mission to make one a week...

As mentioned before, the workflow is a mix of Spine and After Effects animation, with the main Jamie character being mostly Spine-animated.

For this cartoon, I had some smaller character animations I thought I could do more quickly in AE, but... Nope. It's a major pain to fiddle with hiearchies of layers in AE that define a rig. Also, audio scrubbing after SO MANY YEARS is still not available in AE.

So my lesson here is to move animation authoring with more than a few moving parts or significant audio timing into Spine.


Learning from last week’s hassles with complicated rigs in After Effects, I decided to put all the animation for the scene in Spine with the exception of some pans and the credits screen. It worked much more easily.
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