Draw order appear buggy blink and strange.
When there're multiple AnimationRenderer in same Render Layer, Order in Layer and Z position, Within camera render area.
Without overlap each others and any RenderSeparators.
Anyone found this issues??

-- 25 Sep 2017, 21:24 --

Update :
I found that strange blink only happened in some slots in Renderer.
And those parts come from second sprite sheet in the atlas data.
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We don't have an AnimationRenderer component.

However, are your Spine components using multiple materials? Are you on Unity 5.6 and up?
If so, you need to add a Sorting Group component. This is a known bug in Unity; not sure if they'll ever fix it since it's a 2D mesh quirk they seem to have introduced and it still exists in 2017.1.

If you are using a different runtime that uses a component called AnimationRenderer, we don't know how to support it.
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Thanks a lot, I had the same issue, and your solution helped.
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