I'm having a problem. After I finished cutting my character apart, I tried to export my character from Photoshop to Spine by clicking File/ Scripts/ PhotoshopToSpine. It will start initializing for a couple of seconds then a notice appears (See attachment below) and it would crash.

I know it's not the .psd file because I sent my character in .psd file to my friend and she did the same thing with no problem at all. My character got export into Spine easily on her laptop.

I tried to reinstall Photoshop CC 2019, install a new Photoshop CC 2020, reinstall PhotoshopToSpine from the website GitHub. Tried to install the PhotoshoptoSpine file from my friend. Nothing works. It could be something wrong with my laptop?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much!
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Nothing a Photoshop script can do should crash Photoshop, instead if there is a problem Photoshop should show the error but not crash. I'm afraid you've probably encountered a bug with Photoshop. It could be your friend doesn't have the exact version of Photoshop or something about your computer or settings is triggering the crash for you but not her. Things you might try could include updating your graphics drivers, chipset drivers, and resetting your Photoshop preferences.

I posted how to debug the script when someone else had a similar problem:
New Windows install... PhotoshopToSpine script crash.
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