Hello, I want to make a bone to control the ''wind'' and now I need to make constraints for many bones in many bone chains to this WindBone. Every bone constraint is a bit weaker as we move up the parenting hierarchy.

This would be very tedious to do by hand, creating constraints for everything bones and manually setting the constraint force depending on the chain ...etc

I wonder if there is any way I can automate this, choose multiple boned in the chain, and automatically generate constraints for each bone?
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Perhaps you may not be aware that one transform constraint can constrain multiple bones at the same time, so you could constrain the first bones of each chain to the same rotation control.

Another thing that you may want to do is to reduce the number of bones in a chain so that less constraints are needed.
For example, in the paragraph linked here, there's a comparison of more bones vs more vertices, and the reult is same but easier to control if you have less bones rather than less vertices given the same conditions: Blog: Mesh creation tips: vertex placement: Curved, bendy surfaces using only 3 lines and weights

But perhaps we may want to discuss the way you are choosing to animate wind and how the scene is structured.
For example, if you're using unity, you may follow this blog post and not need to create any constraint in Spine at all: Blog: 2D and 3D physics for spine-unity

Or you may also animate the bones in the chain so quickly with this method, which allows to offset as many bones as you need at the same time, and you don't even need to have them constrained, with ease: Spine Tips: 27 offset

I hope some of the proposed solutions may help! If not, it would be interesting to understand the requirements of your setup better.
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