Hi I was wondering if there is an easy/automated way of creating spine animation from a bunch of frame-by-frame images. All the animation needs to have is each image in frames in order. I have some blender animations I'd like to render into 2d images and use in spine but it seems very tedious to put each image frame by frame. Is there a way to do this faster? Thanks
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Hi, the faster way is probably to do this:
1. (Make sure the images are in alphabetical order)
2. Create a bone to have all the images grouped in a single place, you can delete the bone later
3. Select all the images of the sequence from the image node and drag them into the viewport
4. Type a number like 0 in both the fields of the translate tool, make sure to have the world axis selected. This will center all of them quickly
(Assuming they all have the same size)
5. In case the slots are selected instead of the images, or if both are selected, press space to deselect everything, filter the tree on images and select all the needed images from the list
6. Remove the filter and now you can drag all the images in the same slot instead of having multiple ones. You can delete the empty slots.
7. In animate mode you activate each image for each frame, you can do this using shortcuts, I also made a script in Autohotkey a while back to do this: [suggestion] auto swap for imported frame animations
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Add the images to the same slot.
Just drag multiple images from the images node into the same slot in the tree. It should be straightforward.

In Animate mode, key the images frame by frame.
This is kinda tedious currently. Hotkeys help a lot though.

Instead of manually clicking on the frame number with the mouse.
R for "next frame". also F for "previous frame"

Instead of clicking the key icon on the slot with the mouse.
K for key change.

With this, you can keep your mouse on the tree, and just use hotkeys to key and move the frame forward. That makes task much easier than doing everything with the mouse.
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