Hello, i'm trying to get an effect like this on Unity UI, with the Skeletongraphics :

The circle is not an spine object, just an image on unity.

So mostly it is "integrating a spriteon the characterdraw hierarchy"

It is easy to do with a normal "SkeletonAnimation" and a separator component, but i need it to be a UI object.

But to do it on unity UI, I need it to be with a Skeletongraphics component, and the skeleton render separator dont seem to work with the Skeletongraphics.

Is there a way to make the separator work with skeletongraphics? if it is not possible for now, can I edit the code to make it work or is it a too big work?

Or have i to integrate the circle on the spine file to do this ?

note : i'm using a screen space overlay Canvas.

I found this old topic talking about it, but i dont know if the answer is still up to date
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Unfortunately it is not supported for SkeletonGraphic yet.
I have created a ticket, you can subscribe to it here: [unity] SkeletonRenderSeparator for SkeletonGraphic · #1254

In the meantime you could either integrate the circle on the Spine file as you described, or maybe create an attachment point where you programmatically add the respective GUI circles to it, to keep the GUI separate from the character object.
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We are also very interested about this feature. (drawing one spine inside another one)
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