I'm trying to get my directional Spine character working with Top Down Engine on Unity.
He consists of a side spine, top, and bottom and I have no idea how to go about implementation.
I asked in their Discord and they shot me here, so I figured hey it doesn't hurt to ask.
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Welcome to Spine! :nerd:

There are some forum threads related to 8 or 4 direction movement:
Best way to do character with 4 movement directions
Switch skeletons quickly
Basically it boils down to having a parent GameObject with each one of the direction-Skeletons as a child. Then your movement logic script needs to disable all direction-Skeletons except for the active direction (and flip it horizontally if direction is e.g. left instead of right), and play the respective animations there. Note that some animations might need to be synchronized between your Skeletons.

Please note that you could also use a single Spine skeleton for all directions, as shown in this tip:
Spine Tips: 10.8 directions
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