currently I have my character all rigged and animated but later on I might have to switch to a low resolution version to save on size, for example, from 1024x1024 to 512x512 (so by resizing I mean just bring down the resolution instead of resizing to another size), what's the workflow to resize everything (mainly the existing mesh and bones) or worst case scenario you have to do it all over again?
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Hello geee! Don't worry, you can keep working at a high resolution, and when you will have to export you just need to set the atlas size to 0.5 to have it scaled down to half the size. You don't need to redo everything!

If you still want to work at half the resolution this is what you need to do:
1. export a json from your file including nonessential data
2. create a new project
3. import the json you had exported and specify 0.5 as the new size
4. prepare a scaled down version of your assets (of 0.5 to match the skeleton, in this example)
5. point the images folder path in the tree to your scaled down images.

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