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My character's animation need a lot flip motion, like turning head back and forth (or turning torso back and forth without head), and there are many slots(eyes, brows, mouth...) and bones(hair parts, helmet...) as head bone's children,

I think the best way to turn the head is "FLIP function of bone", because i do not need to setup extra images for the other side, and i just need keying the "flip" property when animating .

I know there already has a topic discussing about this http://zh.esotericsoftware.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=625, and Nate said
This flipping uses the world axes, not the bone's local axes, because it simplifies the work/math that needs to be done to update the world transform for bones.
But if flip with world axis, i will get the result like this...

After flipping the bone, my bone did not match original pose... i need to rotate manually to match the pose, and adjust rotation curve to stepped to prevent odd rotating motion.

But, If the flip function of bone can work with local axis, will be a very efficient way to solve this situation!!

( flip with local axis with remain the same pose )

I hope it will be a feature in the future! Thanks!
Spine is really a great software!

(And sorry for my poor English)
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I would prefer if it flipped using the local axis. If Spine supported traditional matrix transforms, this would be easy. Instead, Spine uses non-skewing transforms, so flipping using the world axis is the best we can do. At least you can work around the problem.

Please see this post I just made:
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It seems really a big work... I will work around it.
Thank you very much! It's a really quick reply!
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