Event timeline, texture packing and more

August 9th, 2013

We’ve been hard at work in the two months that have passed since the last update. In that time we’ve done 37 releases, which averages to a release every other day! As always, you can see release details in the changelog. The most notable new features are probably the event timeline and integrated texture packing.

The event timeline allows you to specify events during your animations, then at runtime you can take some action such as playing a sound or spawning particles.

Event timeline

Integrated texture packing means you can pack your images into a texture atlas when you export your skeletons from Spine. You can even use the Spine texture packer for general packing purposes, for use without Spine.

Texture packer

There are also many other new features:

  • Key adjust mode enables editing many keys all at once for quickly adjusting entire animations.
  • Key shift mode makes it easy to drag all subsequent keys.
  • Playback options.
  • Multiple slot drag and drop.
  • Background images.
  • A number of new features work together to create a new skeleton setup workflow.
  • Ghosting is shown off in the ghosting video.
  • Lots of minor features, some of which are shown in the quick tips video.
  • Tons of minor tweaks and bug fixes.

We are closing in on finishing all the Kickstarter stretch goals. Most of the largest and hardest goals have been completed and we hope to get the rest done very soon!